Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

Take a sleek, stylish, and technologically savvy sedan, and inject with pure, hybrid eco-friendliness, and out will come the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. In a world of car manufacturers hybridizing their favorite models, the Hyundai Sonata is a true standout. At first glance, you wouldn’t even know that it’s a hybrid, which is exactly what we …

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Hyundai Sonata

When it comes to contemporary automobiles with subtle, yet refined style, the Hyundai Sonata sits just at the top of the list. This borderline luxury sedan is one of the most comfortable and stylish sedans on the market today. While it may not be the most stand-out in terms of expression and performance, it is …

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Hyundai Palisade

When it comes to making affordable, functional, and stylish vehicles, no other car manufacturer seems to be able to do it quite like Hyundai does it.  The Hyundai Palisade has helped bring the company to the larger vehicle market, as it is one of their best and biggest three-row SUVs that they have ever released. …

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Hyundai Kona

When it comes to developing stylish, budget-friendly, and fuel-efficient vehicles, Hyundai has been on a roll. The Kona is one of the most charming vehicles that has come out in the past couple of years. With a tight and punchy powertrain that is fun to drive and a stylish design that provides you with class …

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Hyundai Ioniq

You usually know when you’re looking at a hybrid or electric car thanks to the least-aerodynamic designs and non-intimidating looks.  With the Hyundai Ioniq, that is not the case. It does a great job at being as unassuming as possible, although it’s a wonderful electric vehicle. A History of the Hyundai Ioniq The Hyundai Ioniq …

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Buick Skylark Convertible

From My Cousin Vinny to Vanilla Sky, the Buick Skylark Convertible was somewhat of a movie star in its day. Just like any great movie star, the car evolved over the years into a fantastic and iconic part of our culture.

A Historical Highlight of the Buick Skylark Convertible

The Skylark was originally made to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Buick. It was originally manufactured as a limited-production vehicle alongside the Cadillac Series 62 Eldorado and the Oldsmobile 98, though it moved into regular production after Buick saw the car’s success. 

Mid-Century Innovations of the Buick Skylark Convertible

Though the Skylark would continue in production until the late 1990s, 1972 was the last year of the Skylark Convertible. This car featured a two-barrel Rochester carburetor and a V-8 engine that output 145 horsepower. 

A Timeline of the Buick Skylark Convertible

  • First Generation Buick Skylark Convertible (1953-1954)

The first-generation Skylark was known as the “Roadmaster Skylark.” It featured a Nailhead V-8 engine and a rounded shape.

  • Second Generation Buick Skylark Convertible (1964-1967)

Buick trashed the “Roadmaster” name in 1964 and squared off the car’s frame. It utilized a V-8 aluminum-block engine and all-vinyl bucket seats.

  • Third Generation Buick Skylark Convertible (1968-1972)

The third-generation swapped out the V-8 for a new standard Chevrolet I6 engine with 155 horsepower. 

The Buick Skylark Convertible in the News

In recent news, a 1961 Buick Skylark Convertible took on a Nissan GT-R in a drag race and totally smoked it. Check out the video below!

Celebrity Endorsements of the Buick Skylark Convertible

Bob Hope is arguably one of the greatest comedians of all time, so it’s pretty cool to find out that he was a proud owner of a classic 1953 Buick Skylark Convertible. 

Best Buick Skylark Convertible Groups

While there aren’t too many large groups that celebrate the entire line of Buick Skylark Convertibles, there is the awesome Skylark Club that celebrates the ‘53 and ‘54 models.

The Buick Skylark Convertible

Though the Buick Skylark ran deep into the late 20th century, it is safe to say that there was something far more special about the original generations. Is it a lesson for car manufacturers to not try and milk an instant classic? Possibly.

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