Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

Take a sleek, stylish, and technologically savvy sedan, and inject with pure, hybrid eco-friendliness, and out will come the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. In a world of car manufacturers hybridizing their favorite models, the Hyundai Sonata is a true standout. At first glance, you wouldn’t even know that it’s a hybrid, which is exactly what we …

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Hyundai Sonata

When it comes to contemporary automobiles with subtle, yet refined style, the Hyundai Sonata sits just at the top of the list. This borderline luxury sedan is one of the most comfortable and stylish sedans on the market today. While it may not be the most stand-out in terms of expression and performance, it is …

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Hyundai Palisade

When it comes to making affordable, functional, and stylish vehicles, no other car manufacturer seems to be able to do it quite like Hyundai does it.  The Hyundai Palisade has helped bring the company to the larger vehicle market, as it is one of their best and biggest three-row SUVs that they have ever released. …

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Hyundai Kona

When it comes to developing stylish, budget-friendly, and fuel-efficient vehicles, Hyundai has been on a roll. The Kona is one of the most charming vehicles that has come out in the past couple of years. With a tight and punchy powertrain that is fun to drive and a stylish design that provides you with class …

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Hyundai Ioniq

You usually know when you’re looking at a hybrid or electric car thanks to the least-aerodynamic designs and non-intimidating looks.  With the Hyundai Ioniq, that is not the case. It does a great job at being as unassuming as possible, although it’s a wonderful electric vehicle. A History of the Hyundai Ioniq The Hyundai Ioniq …

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We can’t think of another car that single-handedly changed a country quite like the iconic Maruti 800. It wasn’t long before its inception in 1983 that the only two major car companies in India were Premier Automobiles and Hindustan Motors. The only two cars that had existed at the time were the Hindustan Ambassador and the Premier Padmini. 

With little to no competition, the companies had no reason to innovate, leaving the majority of India with outdated automobiles. It wasn’t until the Maruti 800 came around that the tables were turned. 

An Introduction to the Maruti 800

The Maruti 800 came out in 1983. One of the first owners of the car, Mr. Harpal Singh, won the automobile in a draw and was presented with the car during an elaborate ceremony in Delhi. The car was based on the Suzuki Fronte SS80, though was made to be more aerodynamic. The idea was that the car would revolutionize what the Indian population thought of the automobile industry, which at the time made vehicles that were far too expensive for middle-class buyers. 

Design and Technology of the Maruti 800

The final Maruti 800 was produced in 2010. It came with a five-door hatchback body style, a front-mounted engine, and front-wheel-drive. The naturally-aspirated .8L engine was a single overhead camshaft and the car used a four-speed manual box. 

27 Years of the Maruti 800 (1983-2010)

Though the Maruti 800 was around for almost three decades, it technically remained in its first-generation in terms of design. In 1986, the car had a few minor facelifts and produced 37 bhp. By 1995, the grille was changed to a mesh grille with the Maruti logo in the center. Plastic hubcaps, as well as an array of new colors, were also introduced during this time. 

By 2005, the company redid the engine to comply with Euro III emission standards, and by 2008, the company made an LPG version.

The Maruti 800 In the News

In recent Maruti news, commuters in Shillong have been accusing taxi drivers of holding them ransom for premium prices. These drivers, who drive Maruti 800s, have been known to carry passengers beyond capacity and refuse to ply based on who is sharing the taxi. 

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Celebrity Endorsements of the Maruti 800

Though you might not think of the Maruti 800 as a “celebrity car”, it just so happens to be owned by one of India’s biggest celebrities, Shah Rukh Khan.

Best Maruti 800 Groups

One of the biggest fan clubs for the Maruti 800 just so happens to be on Facebook. With over 15,000 Maruti owners and enthusiasts, it’s a great place for Maruti 800 lovers to flock to.

The Maruti 800 – The Greatest Automobile Impact In India

The Maruti 800 did a lot for providing the people of India with reliable transportation, creating a more normalized automobile-based society rather than one that was built purely around status. We can pretty much thank the 800 for the small to mid-sized car boom that is present in India today.

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