Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

Take a sleek, stylish, and technologically savvy sedan, and inject with pure, hybrid eco-friendliness, and out will come the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. In a world of car manufacturers hybridizing their favorite models, the Hyundai Sonata is a true standout. At first glance, you wouldn’t even know that it’s a hybrid, which is exactly what we …

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Hyundai Sonata

When it comes to contemporary automobiles with subtle, yet refined style, the Hyundai Sonata sits just at the top of the list. This borderline luxury sedan is one of the most comfortable and stylish sedans on the market today. While it may not be the most stand-out in terms of expression and performance, it is …

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Hyundai Palisade

When it comes to making affordable, functional, and stylish vehicles, no other car manufacturer seems to be able to do it quite like Hyundai does it.  The Hyundai Palisade has helped bring the company to the larger vehicle market, as it is one of their best and biggest three-row SUVs that they have ever released. …

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Hyundai Kona

When it comes to developing stylish, budget-friendly, and fuel-efficient vehicles, Hyundai has been on a roll. The Kona is one of the most charming vehicles that has come out in the past couple of years. With a tight and punchy powertrain that is fun to drive and a stylish design that provides you with class …

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Hyundai Ioniq

You usually know when you’re looking at a hybrid or electric car thanks to the least-aerodynamic designs and non-intimidating looks.  With the Hyundai Ioniq, that is not the case. It does a great job at being as unassuming as possible, although it’s a wonderful electric vehicle. A History of the Hyundai Ioniq The Hyundai Ioniq …

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Vintage VW Bus

The VW Bus is easily one of the top 5 most iconic cars in the world, if not the most recognizable car on Earth. Some know it as the VW Camper while some know it as the Type 2. Its fame stretches all across the world and it has been around longer than most people’s grandparents.

With over six and a half decades of production up until 2014, the vehicle has seen a number of changes, yet still remains loved by enthusiasts everywhere. Just what makes the VW Bus so incredibly iconic?

The History of the VW Bus

The VW Bus went into production during 1947 in a massive VW factory smack-dab in the center of Berlin, Germany. At the time, the company had been using stripped-down Beetles to move parts. Ben Pon, a VW employee of the time, came up with the Bus as an ideal alternative to move higher quantities of parts more efficiently. The very first prototype of the van was known as the “Type 29”, though it wasn’t until 1949 that the first iteration came to be. 

Technology and Innovations of the VW Bus – The World’s Most Iconic Box

Red and White VW Bus

The T6, or sixth generation VW Bus, was released in 2015 and is currently in production. It utilizes a Euro 6 diesel engine with AdBlue power plants. The tailgate and nose have been updated from previous iterations to give the VW Bus a more modern-look. The ride has been refined for smoother drives, better handling, and quieter operation. 

Beyond the current model, there is an electric model that is set to release in 2022, known as the Microbus. It has an anticipated 369 hp, fully electric motor, as well as a vintage look that is very similar to the ‘60s models. 

A Timeline of the VW Bus

  • VW Bus – First Generation T1 (1950-1967)
Old VW Bus

The first generation VW Bus came with a split-screen window and was available in a number of configurations from 4-5 door panel vans to 3-door crew cab pickups. It was built on a Group T1 platform and utilized a 1.1L B4 petrol engine. During this time, many other models were released, including the Sunroof Deluxe (Samba) and the US Chicken War.

  • VW Bus – Second Generation T2 (1967-1979)
Orange VW Bus

The second generation VW Bus lost the split-screen windshield and grew a bit in size, making it heavier than the first iteration. It came in an array of configurations from a 4-door panel van to a 2-door pickup and utilized a base 1.6L B4 petrol engine. Some upgrades included the iconic bay window, dual intake ports in 1971, the pancake engine in 1972, and square-profiled bumpers up until the end of ‘79.

  • VW Bus – Third Generation T3 (1979-1992)
Red Old VW Bus

The third generation was the last to use an air-cooled engine, as the VW Bus eventually use water-cooled boxer engines. It was similar to the early Kombi models in terms of design, though was much heavier than the T2. 

  • VW Bus – Fourth Generation T4 (1990-2003)
Campers in VW Bus

The fourth generation VW Bus saw an entirely different marketing scheme, as they were then known as Eurovans in the US and Transporters in Europe. The cars were now front-engined and water-cooled, like most current cars on the market at the time.

  • VW Bus – Fifth Generation T5 (2003-2015)
Brown VW Bus

The fifth generation VW Bus was marketed as a “lightweight commercial vehicle”, made to move larger groups of people. It was made with a more aerodynamic body design, including the angled windshield. The T5 GP introduced a 180 bi-turbo range topper for cleaner engine use in 2010.

  • VW Bus – Sixth Generation T6 (2015-Present)
Black Volkswagen Bus

The sixth generation VW Buys utilize non-AdBlue power-plants, as well as a Euro 6 diesel engine with AdBlue. The design is pretty reminiscent of the T5 with a few cosmetic upgrades, as well as upgrades in handling and noise. 

The VW Bus In the News

Volkswagen have just released concept versions of the new electric VW Bus that is set to release in 2022. What we know so far is that it is set to include a number of high-tech features, including biometric identification and a holographic infotainment system.

Celebrity Endorsements of the VW Bus

The list of celebrities that are VW bus owners seems to go on and on. One famous recent story is from Daniel Norris, the famed Toronto Blue Jays pitcher, who says he just bought a VW Bus and intends to live out of it.

Other famous celebrities that are VW bus owners include Robert Daltry of the Who, stand-up comedian Gabriel Iglesias, and Hugh Jackman.

Best VW Bus Groups

There are a wide variety of VW clubs around the world, from local meet ups to online clubs. One of our favorites is The Samba, which hosts thousands of VW Bus members. VW Camper Family is a great family-oriented club for VW Bus owners.

If you’re looking for VW clubs and groups in your area, we recommend checking out Camper Van Crazy. They have links and information for regional VW Bus groups around the world.

The VW Bus – The Ever-Lasting Vehicle

It seems as though it’s been almost a century since the first inception of the VW Bus. To be honest, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was around for a century more, especially considering the fact that the new electric vehicle is just around the corner.

While it was never meant to be fast like the huge lot of supercars out there, it provided peace and tranquility for many people. It provided a way to travel along coastlines, camp in large forests, and take trips with large groups of friends or family. Not only is it an iconic piece of American history, but it is also an iconic piece of world history. It will be a long time before the VW Bus goes out of style, if it ever does.

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